AVADE® Active Shooter Instructor Course

AVADE® Active Shooter Instructor (train-the-trainer) Certification Course

The AVADE® Active Shooter training program is designed to complement your organizations Workplace Violence Prevention Training Program. Active Shooter – Extreme Violence is just one category of violence occurring in our workplace. The instructor course involves scenario based exercises, group interaction, discussion, lecture, simulations and hands-on techniques. The AVADE® Active Shooter training is modular based and can be adapted into a variety of scheduling and training dynamics.

Upon successful completion of the one day AVADE® Active Shooter certification program, Instructors will receive the following:

  • AVADE® 3-year In-house Instructor certification – Personal Safety Training Inc.
  • Authorization to train and certify staff in the:
    –    AVADE® 2 hour certification course (classroom)
    –    AVADE® 4 hour certification course (includes escape, barricade & attack drills)
    –    AVADE® 1-day certification course (includes simulation/scenario based drills)
  • The AVADE® Active Shooter Instructor package includes:
    • Flash Drive with the AVADE® 2 hour, 4 hour, and 1-day programs
    • AVADE® Active Shooter Instructor Manual
    • AVADE® Active Shooter Student Guide
    • “SURVIVE an Active Shooter” Awareness, Preparedness and Response for Extreme Violence – text book.
    • AVADE® Active Shooter Student Handouts and Training Forms
    • “Be Safe Not Sorry” – the Art and Science of keeping YOU and your family Safe from crime and violence.
    • Sample polices on: workplace violence, active shooter, hazmat & more…
    • Maintenance of training records
    • Continual support from AVADE® Personal Safety Training Inc. 

AVADE® Active Shooter Instructor Course Outline


  • What is the AVADE® Active Shooter Training?
  • Questions to Consider
  • What is Workplace Violence?
  • Workplace Violence Defined
  • The AVADE® Philosophy
  • AVADE® Awareness-Preparedness & Response
  • Modular Based Training
  • Benefits of AVADE® Active Shooter Training

Module One- Active Shooter Awareness

  • Awareness Defined
  • Questions to Consider
  • Active Shooter Defined
  • Active Shooters AKA
  • Self-Awareness
  • Situational Awareness
  • Responses to an Active Shooter
  • Developing and Increasing Awareness

 Module Two- Don’t Give Them Any Honor!

  • Insane People Keep Killing
  • What do they have in common?
  • Common Characteristics
  • Similarities of Active Shooters
  • FBI Study Analysis

Module Three- What We Know About Active Shooters

  • Extreme Violence
  • Environmental Awareness
  • US Incidents of Active Shooter
  • Active Shooter Incident Stats
  • Active Shooter Incidents are Increasing
  • What we Know about Active Shooters

Module Four- Vigilance for Violence

  • Vigilance
  • Hypervigilance
  • The Five Senses
  • The Sixth Sense
  • Trust Your Intuition
  • Messages of Intuition
  • If You See Something, Say Something!

 Module Five- Who Commits Violence

  • Characteristics of Individuals who Commit Violence
  • Terrorism or Workplace Violence
  • Don’t Be Easy Prey: Don’t Be a Victim!
  • Motivations of an Active Shooter
  • See It, Hear It, Report It
  • Predictions of Violence
  • The 5 Stages of an Active Shooter

Module Six- YOU Have the Right to Defend Yourself

  • Self-Defense
  • Types of Assault
  • Lawful Use of Defense
  • Use Of Force
  • Levels of Force & Defense
  • Reasonable Force

 Module Seven- The Stress Continuum

  • The Stress Continuum
  • Stress
  • Fear
  • Fight-Flight-Freeze
  • Putting the Brakes on the FFF

Module Eight- Escape-Escape-Escape

  • Rules for Surviving an Active Shooter
  • Rule #1 Escape!
  • Escape Plan
  • Questions to Consider
  • Environmental Awareness
  • 360 View of Environmental Awareness
  • Developing Escape Plans

Module Nine- Hide, Call and Barricade  

  • Rules for Surviving an Active Shooter
  • Rule #2 Hide and Cover
  • Safe Place
  • Questions to Consider
  • Rule #3 Call
  • 911 and Operators
  • Rule #4 Lock Doors
  • Questions to Consider
  • Rules for Surviving an Active Shooter
  • Rule #5 Barricade
  • Questions to Consider
  • Telephone Safety – Cell Phones

Module Ten- Attack the Attacker  

  • Rules for Surviving an Active Shooter
  • Rule #6 Attack
  • Last Resort
  • Questions to Consider
  • Target Areas to Strike
  • Duck and Cover?
  • Mental Movies
  • The Amazing Mind
  • Weapons and Improvised Weapons

Module Eleven- Law Enforcement, Post Incident Response & Documentation 

  • Law Enforcements Priority
  • Police Entry Teams
  • Questions to Consider
  • Post Incident Response
  • Post Incident Documentation
  • Elements of Reporting Self-Defense or Force
  • Civilian Levels of Defense

Module Twelve- Honoring the Victims and Heroes

  • Victims and Heroes
  • Civilian Interveners
  • Police (on and off duty)
  • EMS/FIRE Personnel
  • Healthcare Personnel
  • Trainers/Teachers
  • State and Federal Organizations
  • YOU, for being willing to act-and help others


Escape Strategies & Drills

  • Rule #1
  • Environmental Awareness
  • Plan A, B and C
  • Know your House!
  • Alternate Escape Routes
  • Safe Place
  • Practice Session

Hide & Cover Strategies & Drills

  • Rule #2
  • Environmental Awareness
  • Plan A, B and C
  • Know your House!
  • Doors and Door Lock Awareness
  • Concealment vs. Cover
  • Bullet Penetration
  • Practice Sessions

Alert (911) Strategies & Drills

  • Rule #3
  • Know your Phones
  • Practice Session

Barricade Strategies & Drills

  • Rule #5
  • Environmental Awareness
  • Chairs, Tables and More
  • Door Swing
  • Placement in Room
  • Plan to Die or Plan to Live?
  • Practice Sessions

Attack the Attacker Strategies & Drills

  • Rule #6 Last Resort!
  • Mind Set
  • Solo or Team
  • Weapons & Improvised Weapons
  • High Risk Target Areas
  • Incapacitation & Control
  • Practice Session

Active Shooter Simulation Drills

  • Rules #1-7
  • Putting it all together
  • Notifying those who need to know.
  • Post Drill Debrief
  • Lessons Learned
  • Do overs!

Post Incident Management

  • Keeping the Agency Operational After the Event
  • Mutual Aid Agreements
  • Use of Outside Agencies
  • Preparing for the Media Before an Incident
  • Post Incident Best Practices
  • Debrief-Debrief-Debrief
  • AAR


Appendix I

  • About the Author
  • Bibliography, Reference Guide and Recommended Reading
  • Sample Policies and Procedures

Appendix II

Trainers Development Tools and Techniques
The effective Instructor knows that through his/her interaction with their class that motivation and inspiration are needed to effect any long lasting change. This comprehensive instructor development section provides proven instructional techniques to enhance learning and retention of the AVADE® material taught.

Appendix III
Instructor Forms and Requirements

  • Instructor Forms & Requirements
  • Instructor Qualifications
  • Student Training Requirements
  • Registration Forms
  • Student Test / Answer Key
  • Roster
  • Skills Test
  • Order Form
  • Feedback Form
  • Training Courses for You and Your Agency