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by Santiago Chambers on Blank Business Name

Dave Fowler and Mark Mooring are the best in the industry when it comes to workplace violence, active shooter and healthcare defense tactics. The training is comprehensive, but personal; relevant to the ever-changing healthcare environment. We are empowered to be safe and secure with AVADE and HDTS training.

by Ryann Gestopa, RN, BSN on Blank Business Name
AVADE Advanced Instructor Training

AVADE is an eye-opener. I could not stop raving about the 3 day seminar I had with David. Aside from being an excellent communicator, David's program was very well-organized and systematic. Workplace violence is prevalent, and could happen to anyone anywhere. AVADE's training helps us prepare for such occurence. I could not wait to impart the knowledge and wisdom gained from these classes to our employees, and my family members as well.

by Michelle LaMarr, MA, BSN, RN on Blank Business Name
AVADE Advanced Instructor Training

This training by the Fowlers is the perfect approach for increasing awareness and response development in the workplace and lifeplace. This has absolutely changed my perspective and increased my situational awareness in every area of my life. This training has also helped me to help others with early recognition of potential violence and even potential scams. I look forward to training others in the hospital as we face increasing violence in the healthcare workplace as well as being vigilant in all areas of my life.

by Mike Grimaldo- St. Joseph's on Blank Business Name
AVADE Advanced instructor training

Hands down the best program I have been through! The Fowler's' knowledge and teaching are top notch. I have even found that I can implement the tools I've learned in my daily life, not just in the workplace. Going through AVADE Training has honestly changed the outcome of "incidents" that occur in my day to day dealings. If you apply yourself with an open mind during this course, it will change you, and you will have more outcomes going your way in and outside of the workplace.

by Chuck Wade on Blank Business Name
David's Books

Dear Trainer, administrator, instructor, student and professional security specialist. Once again, Dave Fowler has provided professional security training materials that are easy-to-read, succinct, professional and right on target to the needs of the security professional whether armed or unarmed. Please know that with every printed word, Dave has you back and your best interests. Here is to your success.Sincerely yours,Chuck WadeSecurity Professional (Ret.)* *Chuck Wade is a former Senior Project Manager for Armed/Unarmed Security Services for the City of Portland; Security Operations Manager for a major Northwest Security firm, Peace Officer and the co-developer and Assistant Director of one of the first successful private criminal justice agencies in the Northwest.

by John Carton on Blank Business Name
Professional Training

I have taken the Baton Instructor, Handcuffing and AVADE training. I found Dave and his trainers to be professional, thorough, and completely dedicated to the safety of his students. I enjoyed the training, and benefited from it. Thanks, Dave.

by Brian Rich on Blank Business Name
Defensive Tactics training for Mayo Clinic Security

Dave Fowler recently provided instruction to my team for defensive tactics. He was professional and clearly a subject matter expert.I look forward to seeing more of what Mr. Fowler offers.Brian Rich

by Kevin Litzenberger on Blank Business Name
Security Supervisor, Providence Saint Johns Health Center, Santa Monica, Ca.

I have had many Instructor Courses in my career, but I have to say that Dave, and his Team, including Eduardo Montez, are the BEST!
Dave always provides a well organized, and easy to learn, class outline, and keeps the student involved, and participating.
Eduardo enjoys instructing, and has been given the "Gift" of instructing, which in turn provides an excellent class.
Class materials are easy to follow, and provides Picture examples.
I'm sure there are other great instructors too, but Dave and Ed are at a personal level of service to their clients.
Good job Dave and Ed, we will keep using you!

by Robert Steadman on Blank Business Name
Brilliance and Commitment

A tremendously well organised training program. Course materials are excellent, comprehensive, and easy to read. I was very impressed with the professionalism of both Dave and Genelle as well as their dedication to ensuring the development of each student in the class by having them demonstrate their understanding. Both were extremely knowledgeable and used engaging training techniques to build up and connect the principles, themes and processes that were outlined. As a trainer myself, I can honestly say that this was one of the best training sessions I have attended and the only one that stands out in a field of both mediocrity and complacency. You should have no reservations whatsoever and I encourage you to contact them and see this class for yourself.

by Greg Meyer on Blank Business Name
Securtiy Sergeant

As a retired Police Officer I know the dangers that exist for Law Enforcement and Security Professionals. It is a difficult job with many unpredictable variables. Safety is paramount and Dave certainly delivers on this topic. His expertise and reputation precedes him. I have taken three of Dave's Instructor Courses and I have spent 30 years in the field and no one can deliver like Dave delivers. Great Job!

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